Our Mission & Vision

Connect the right consumers of perishable food at the right time to supermarkets, groceries, farmers, food pantries and food kitchens.

By some estimates, as much as 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. goes uneaten — $165 billion worth of food each year. The case is not much different in other countries like India due to lack of proper storage and refrigerated transportation.

Supermarkets and groceries have to throw away a lot of consumable fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, dairy, deli and bakery items as they expire because they cannot connect to the right customer at the right time.

Farmers and ordinary people have a lot of excess fruits and vegetables that are grown on farms or backyard which gets composted.

These items can be sold at cheaper price or given away free using our real time mobile app connecting supermarkets, groceries, farmers to Food banks and Soup Kitchens and the right Shoppers.

Discover the Benefits

Connect with shoppers of Perishable Food at the correct time

Shoppers create a (wish) list of perishable food items they consume regularly and the maximum price they are expecting. They can also set up a home inventory manager for their food items. The website will provide cooking and nutritional information about each item.

Shoppers also can post interesting deals and offers they find for perishable food items in supermarkets, groceries or farms with details, pictures, location and price using the 'Share a Deal' feature on the website and the mobile app and promote it using social media. Supermarkets, groceries and farmers can reward these 'promoters' with special deals.

Supermarkets, groceries and farmers can post details, photos, price and availability of perishable food items on the website and the mobile app. They can also post special deals and offers.

Supermarkets, groceries and farmers can match or reduce the wish price of the shoppers and send notification via SMS, email or as a push list on the shoppers' dashboard on the mobile app.

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What's Cooking!

Create Shopper friendly Website & Mobile Apps

The website will be great source of information about various types of food (perishables) with nutrition, cultivation and cooking recipes. Shoppers, Supermarkets, groceries, Farmers, Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens can register on the site and have social media interaction among them.
Mobile App
The mobile app will connect shoppers, supermarkets, groceries, farmers, food pantries and soup kitchens in real time on a local basis. Providing real time information about perishables is the most important task we have.
Social Media
Shoppers will be able to interact with others using social media and have a very healthy conversation about healthy food sourcing, cooking, sharing on a local and global basis.